Current and advanced breast cancer now of Mao Kobayashi! The relationship between the past of children years of age and Ebizo?


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Is the management people of Kumamoto resident of the holiday today.

Mao Kobayashi ‘s advanced breast cancer news was shocking.

Although Ebizo Ichikawa Kabuki actor gave a conference at the husband, I think in person is often was shocked?

Recently is only just that the Maya Kobayashi sister had become a hot topic, but ….

Speaking of breast cancer, but Hokuto’s and Ms. Akiko Ikuina I only just become quite the topic ….

This time, Mao Kobayashi’s right now with advanced breast cancer medical conditions and children of a year of age, and I would like to summarize the profile, such as real name.

I would have been worried about my parents’ family no doubt.

In fact, I understand about the past of Ebizo Ichikawa, there is a shocking fact with respect to children!


Postscript : I have from being discharged the hospital at the end of this year in May 2017, received at-home medical care is surrounded by Ebizo’s and children’s 2 husband.

However, it has been Tabidata to heaven at the young that unfortunately full 34 years old.

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Current and advanced breast cancer now of Mao Kobayashi


Ebizo Ichikawa husband, in a blog post on May 2 this year, had reported that poor physical condition of Mao Kobayashi wife.

As also wrote at the beginning article, right now, Mao Kobayashi is that that it is advanced breast cancer.

Pathology, there was reports that some in serious condition.

Is that are attending Apparently, in the current situation, it seems so that the hospital if there something.

Is seems recently was able to visit.

Until then I was sent a hospital life.

In addition are the things even I think surgery.

The cancer is found is, it means that from before about eight months a year, but had continued to considerable long-term physical therapy, it may be the state, such as not stop progress.

Breast cancer was found in the inspection by the medical checkup.

Ebizo Ichikawa in the conference, it because much is that to say that early cancer of speed.

You will find it easy to is that it is very cancer that does not heal.

I do such things and during treatment with anti-cancer drugs now, I guess this topic is noted for the time being.

I do not is still surgery, it seems to depend on what happens with the future of the medical condition.

Here, we will introduce the profile of Mao Kobayashi.

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Name: Mao Kobayashi (Mao Kobayashi)

Real name: Mao Horikoshi (maiden name Kobayashi)

Date of Birth: 1982 July 21, 2009 year of age is 33 years old

Hometown: Niigata Prefecture Ojiya

Height: 164cm

Blood type: A type

Your high school: KuniManabuin High School

University: Sophia University Faculty of Letters Department of Psychology

Agency: St. Force

Currently, it has been misappropriation of public and private confusion problem is daily coverage of Yoichi Masuzoe’s political funds, just maybe, that of advanced breast cancer of Mao Kobayashi, I might become reduced news.

It is profusely many entertainers of cancer of the news. It is not limited to breast cancer.

Naomi Kawashima, Mr. Tsunku, Mayumi Ozora, janitor that of Akiko Nishina’s like I’ve just remembered now.

Concern is not only Ebizo Ichikawa family, it would be the same for Mr. Mao Kobayashi of home.

Been announced rest by the sister of Maya Kobayashi’s poor physical condition of, had been flying around are various speculations in this regard.

But, by the advanced breast cancer of Mao Kobayashi sister Ebizo Ichikawa husband has been published in conference, anxiety caused by Mao’s nursing and worries Kobayashi’ve found that it’s cause.

He had been active in the work while hiding the illness of his sister, but I think that it was no doubt very much.

Mentally and physically as well.

And, I guess came limits.

Breast cancer stage, I mean progress is worrisome.

Considering the remarks of Ebizo Ichikawa’s, What a stage of the above.

Although we have to also talk something life expectancy Toka survival rate, it’s not such a topic like so much in management personnel.

I read the doctor’s comments, but it seems not subject to surgery to have entered a stage 4.

In that case, it’s likely to become or extend the time to be alive how.

If still at the stage of stage 3, the survival rate is so more than 70%.

Yet not to the surgery, because it was Ebizo Ichikawa said in a press conference that I might be done from now on, the stage there is speculation that it would be more likely of the three.

If you have if metastasis, surgery is the fact that it is difficult, it is also said that it is a locally advanced cancer.

Since we do not know details of it, although I do not come out all speculation.

In addition, cancer is so does not that mean progress as the young is fast. It seems determined by the activity of the height.

The Mao Kobayashi, just now just working hard to concentrate on the treatment pray to be overcome breast cancer.

Also towards the Maya Kobayashi sister is concern what will happen in the future.

Children of the year of age and Ebizo relationship with the past


The Mao Kobayashi Ebizo Ichikawa and his wife will have children two people.

It is the eldest son of 勸玄 (reduction) and her eldest daughter of Urara禾 (Reika).

The current year of age’s 勸玄 son is three years old, Urara禾’s daughter is 4 years old.

Each date of birth, March 22, 2013, July 25, 2011, Urara禾 Mr. second child, Mr. 勸玄 is the third child.

Second child, because the third child is a story for the Ebizo Ichikawa.

Well ~, the first child? I think you come out doubt me.

I do a thing in 2003, but in Ebizo Ichikawa’ve found that there are illegitimate child.

It is the so-called illegitimate child.

I was one year old at that time in the daughter.

The other is those who had been the model of the singer and the CM that Akiko Hioki (Akiko Hioki). Currently it does not seem to be in show business.

It seems to have dating from the time of high school students.

Eventually I explained that you have paid child support and recognition at the time of the conference. According to the rumors child support of the month so it is 1 million yen, Toka contract at the time of recognition.

I was there is such a past with respect to Ebizo Ichikawa’s children.

Management people did not know this fact.

Such a thing we discussed even while I think what to do any time.

I think that it knows of course, which is said Ebizo’s of Mao Kobayashi also variously husband wife.

I think that there is that you have variously investigated the things such as past and rumors of her husband.

Will eventually did not accept all regardless of whether or not the truth is on your own because I was married.

Ebizo’s after being Tabidata to heaven was met.

“I love you.” To the husband that was Tabidata from saying the word that said, I think this at all is seen.

Somehow and it is said that many things, but in between the husband and wife will have a management who think that it is the evidence that there was a strong bond.

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